Thinkrolls: Kids Logic Puzzles

Thinkrolls: Kids Logic Puzzles

Avokiddo Ltd
  • Oct 15, 2014
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  • iOS 8.0 or later
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Boost the intelligence and brainpower of your youngster! Thinkrolls is a beloved and captivating logic puzzle game that supports young children in developing their reasoning and problem-solving abilities. Get it right away and watch as your tiny geniuses blow you away with their intelligence and deductive reasoning.

Have fun guiding your Thinkrolls through mazes with vibrant patterns and obstacles. The objective is to work out the problems and roll through the maze’s conclusion where a new Thinkroll is waiting to be unlocked and take charge of the following adventure!


The app features 207 smart puzzle levels chock full of entertaining science ideas. Seven amusing objects each with distinctive physical characteristics are gradually introduced. Through practical application, children will learn how to make use of these items to their advantage and open a way.

  • Cookies: Eat them to make a route clear or refuse them to stay out of trouble!
  • Crates: Stack them for a higher platform or push them to cover gaps.
  • Balloons: Blow up balloons with spikes to push them aside.
  • Rocks: Use large, thick boulders to break through rocky terrain for a collision course in Newtonian physics.
  • Jelly: Use bouncy jellies to bounce Thinkrolls and other items to raise them up.
  • Fire: Use ice chunks to extinguish the flames and make a safe passage through.
  • Elevators: Timing is introduced to the mix, along with elevators! Use two elevators’ motions to synchronize one another as you go through the maze.


In order to get to the other side of the maze, young players will develop their ability to reason while employing force, speed, buoyancy, heat, elasticity, and gravity to their advantage. The puzzles steadily advance from one science lesson to the next, enhancing memory, observation, imagination, logical thought, and problem-solving skills.

There are no limitations on tries or penalties. The brain is not the only thing that Thinkrolls tests; it also cultivates and rewards persistence and patience. Children instinctively discover what works through trial and error as they experiment with different combinations to reach their goals. To reconnect with their Thinkroll friends, they must plan ahead, employ exact timing, and rely on memory.


  • 207 levels filled with brain-sharpening riddles
  • Kids 3-5 should use the easy mode; ages 5-8 should use the hard mode.
  • Physics classes that involve active participation
  • Conduct experiments including principles from other sciences like elasticity, friction, buoyancy, speed, and gravity.
  • Improve reasoning, spatial cognition, decision-making, memory, and tenacity
  • Play with 26 hilarious, incredibly intelligent characters
  • Family-friendly brain training activities
  • Follow the development of up to 9 player profiles
  • Excellent design and stunning artwork
  • A unique score and sound design
  • Multilingual gameplay
  • Compliant with COPPA, free of third-party adverts and in-app purchases


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