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Best of Rock Identification Apps

The RockCheck App serves as a key for identifying rocks. It is a tool for teaching that can be utilized to support the formal school system’s instruction of geological material in natural science courses. All interested social groups, non-profits, and other geology enthusiasts can utilize the RockCheck program. The information is based on common rock categories and tailored to the requirements of the general users.


There are three main chapters in the application RockCheck:

(School of Rock, the Encyclopedia, and Rock Key.)

  1. You define a rock’s name in Rock Key by selecting a rock and responding YES or NO to the questions.
  2. You can assist yourself in answering the questions by using the links, which are highlighted in orange and offer more explanations of the geological concepts and techniques in the School of Rock.
  3. When you select the correct answers, you will be taken to the Encyclopedia, where you may read more about rocks in general, including their composition, formation, and uses.


An application was submitted for the Stonekey PKP student project, which was co-funded by the EU’s Social Fund and the RS Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport. As part of the EU project RM@SCHOOL, which was funded by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), translation, and further development were completed.


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