Mindful Mamas – Relax & Sleep

Mindful Mamas – Relax & Sleep

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  • Mar 18, 2020
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To address the particular difficulties of parenthood, Mindful Mamas is a comprehensive tool for mental wellness. Mindful Mamas, a resource for self-directed emotional wellness techniques including mindfulness, meditation, and support for self-care, was developed by a mother with experience as a licensed family psychologist. Improve your relationships, manage your stress, anxiety, and sleep, and learn to love yourself.

A group of moms passionately created and maintained this app with you in mind above everything else. No matter where you are in the process of becoming a mother, we have programs to support you. Every mother deserves a virtual haven that evolves with her and provides tailored care at every step, whether she is trying to conceive, her kids are grown, or she is somewhere in between.

As a mom, we are aware of how hectic life can be. For this reason, we’ve developed a method for practicing self-care on a mom’s schedule. We now offer “The Daily Sip” a NEW daily meditation that is always five minutes long and always free. With classes in every area, you can get postpartum care, stress relief, sleep assistance, and much more. Learn techniques to assist you in achieving your goals for mental well-being while you unwind, breathe, and relax.

For a happier motherhood experience, turn to Mindful Mamas. Set up your virtual retreat and learn a practical method for enhancing your mental wellness, relaxation, and freedom.



  • Relax and discover your peace with The Daily Sip, a brand-new, daily 5-minute meditation.
  • assistance for improved sleep
  • Over 500 titles cover topics like stress, anxiety, mindset, patience, relationships, self-worth, motivation, attention, and more!
  • Motherhood is a difficult yet joyful experience that spans conception, pregnancy, newborn, and adulthood. Spend some alone time concentrating on developing your resilience.
  • 5 to 20-minute-long self-guided meditation sessions
  • Baby, children, teen, and adult-guided meditations are available in the app.
  • Experience closeness and connection in relationships with our relationship and partner meditations.

Moments & Mindfulness:

  • Taking courses can help you start and develop a self-care and mindfulness practice, which can help you achieve your self-care goals.
  • Research-based breathing techniques will teach you how to relax.
  • Simple mantras called affirmations can help you control your thinking. You can make and record your own mantras.
  • An SOS button called “Get Centered” can help you flee the pandemonium and rapidly regain your composure.
  • Control your motherhood-related anxiety, despair, and stress

Postpartum Assistance:

  • Pep Talks helps you to bolster your confidence and serve as a reminder of the strong, competent mother you are
  • Reduce anxiety, negativity, and sadness with assistance
  • Support your sleep by playing relaxing background music or listening to binaural beats, the ocean, a fireplace, rain, singing bowls, or sleep sounds
  • Pay attention to your mental health, work on your motivation, and go on a path of self-discovery

Monitor Your Progress:

  • Take a few moments each day to check in with yourself and practice being present.
  • View the number of sessions you’ve had overall.
  • Keep track of how many days you’ve spent practicing mindfulness to boost your persistence.
  • Maintain a record of your longest streak.
  • Regardless of the stage of parenthood you’re in, download Mindful Mamas right away to start your journey.


  • $9.99 per month
  • $5.83 per month, with a total payment of $69.99 annually

It is possible to subscribe to Mindful Mamas for FREE or for a fee, with either a monthly or yearly renewal. For any term agreement time that is not used, there will be no returns. Any trial term that has not yet expired will be lost whenever a subscription is bought. Pricing is just for customers in the United States; prices in other countries may differ.



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