Beauty Calculator: Face analysis & attractiveness

Beauty Calculator: Face analysis & attractiveness

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what if Science is able to determine what beauty is too ?

Beauty calculator combines three methods to define the face attractiveness.
These methods are: Neoclassical canons, golden ratio and face symmetry.

BEAUTY CALCULATOR is a reliable application that can tell you how pretty you are. It can tell you about the shape of your face, your mouth, your eyes, your chin, and your nose.

This new update holds many new features:
Now and if your beauty ratio is ranked among the top 5 you will have the opportunity to submit your picture to the database including your name and country so that other people can see your image and ranking ( this operation is optional).

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for better results:
1. Use a good lighting source.
2. Keep a distance of 30cm between your face and the camera.
3. Look straight at the camera.
4.The face must be is straight (vertical).
5. Pull your hair back so that all the landmarks of your face are clear to the camera.
6. Keep your face relaxed and avoid smiling.
7. Do not incline your face.
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