Best Apps for Photo Editing

Do you want your photos to look like it was taken by a professional photographer? Or do you just want to make it look better?

With this list of amazing apps for photo editing, you can now edit your photo to the next level. 

These apps are easy to use and even help you to get into your creative side that your friends would even thought you’re a pro. 

Check out below the best apps for photo editing and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Professional Photo Editor


Snapseed - Apps on Google Play

One of my favorite apps, which is completely free to use, is Snapseed. I use it on my phone and it allows me to really quickly adjust exposure and lighting on my photos, as well as other aspects until they look a little more professional.

Pros: “The app is free to use on your phone. Very easy to use, intuitive and simple. Great results with small changes. There are a few pre-set editing changes that you can choose

Cons: “The cons of using this app are that you have to get used to using the app, it requires a constant learning process before you get the hang of it, the process of saving your work isn’t straightforward, and you may have to watch tutorial videos on how to use the app if you have trouble navigating the user interface and features.

Jacquelyn KennedyPetDT

Photo and Video Editor


Cloud-Based Lightroom Logo | Laura Shoe's Lightroom Training Tutorials and  Tips

I don’t like spending too much time in the photo editing process, as I much prefer taking the photos in the aftermath of editing and perfecting them. But that’s the reason why I love using Lightroom.

Not only can you do all sorts of professional editing in an intuitive and easy way, Lightroom also allows you to import presets, which can instantly edit a photo to a few exact specifications.

Pros: “So I’d say that the biggest pro of Lightroom is that allows enthusiast photographers such as myself to obtain professional results without needing the skills.

Cons: “And the con is that Lightroom is an app aimed at professionals, so despite it being easy to use, I always feel as though I’m not quite making the most of it.

Shane PaarmanAwesome Stuff 365

Photo Editor


Afterlight 2 | iOS Haven

Afterlight is the perfect tool for anyone looking to share their photographs on social media. The filters are fun to use, and they really bring out the colors in my photos. As a bonus, Afterlight is completely free.

Pros: “Easy to use, you’ll get up and running within five minutes

Cons: “Some of the editing options aren’t as advanced as more paid tools.

Caitlin CascadeAtlanta Social Media Superstars

Design, Photo & Video Editor


Canva Logo | evolution history and meaning

It was a web version, but also an app. Canva has a photo gallery you can use to download images, but it also has editor capabilities. They are not too advanced, but they work well to remove backgrounds, add layers, text, and filters.

Pros: “It is one of the best tools that are business friendly. It has free version. Moreover it is easy to use on mobile devices as well

Cons: “Unfortunately it is paid when multiple users want to use it.”

Franco MoisoThe Sunday Grill

Photo Editor and Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop

File:Adobe Photoshop CC icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons

It is not only an editing app but also a raster graphic designing software that allows users to edit, design, and manipulate various graphics as well as digital art.

Pros: “It provides a list of creative tools and options to edit and change the whole vibe of a picture or a video. In addition to that, Photoshop offers different kinds of features to add flexibility and incense depth to the pictures or designs, such as 3D artwork and creative and artistic filters.

Along with this, Photoshop even has the feature to merge two or more images to create a scene, filmmaking, face swapping, creating logos, banners, and flexes.

Scott Krager Wod Review

Photo Editor and Filters


Online Photo & Video Editor - Storytelling Starts Here | Picsart

My top selection for the best picture editing applications is PicsArt since it’s entertaining, simple to use, and pretty much covers every aspect of consumer mobile photography.

Pros: “It offers a great deal of creative power, top-notch image editing tools, and a huge selection of eye-catching filters. Additionally, you can share your collages of images with extremely personalised text and highly customisable stickers you’ve created or selected. Pre-capture effects and photo capabilities are included in the fully complete camera module.

Cons: “However, during editing sessions, advertising for PicsArt premium appear frequently (and inconveniently). You may turn them off and get the video editor, along with other tools, filters, and content, by purchasing a premium subscription for $11.99 per month or $55.99 per year.

Corrie DuffyCorrie Cooks

Photo and Video Editor


The Best Selfie Editor App | Facetune2

In order to edit, I utilize FaceTune. You may add lenses and texturing, whiten tooth, clear up acne, wear make up, accentuate your eyes, slim yourself out—the options are unlimited and they are causing a plethora of social issues.

Sai BlackbyrnCoach Foundation