Best Apps for Movie Streaming

Streaming movies has never been easier, especially when we got a lot of options on where to watch.

But what makes it even more convenient is that we can watch our favorite movies on our devices such as smartphones, iPads, or tablets. Movie streaming services now is very accessible and can be downloaded with just one tap.

We have a list of apps that can help you binge-watch not only your fave movies but your tv shows or series and even sports.

Check out below the best apps for movie streaming and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Unlimited TV, Movies, and Sports Streaming Service

Amazon Prime Video

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The advent of movie and TV streaming has given the industry a huge challenge and opportunity. The fact we can have so much entertainment in the palm of our hands was the thing of Sci-Fi when I was starting out.

Although I have access to all the major streaming apps, Disney+, Netflix et al there is one winner that I use every day. That is currently Amazon Video.

Currently, I use Amazon through both the mobile app when out and about and mainly through our smart TV (Sky Q). There are a number of other services we subscribe to like Britbox and Shudder, we used to subscribe direct but have switched to their Amazon channel simply as those services do natively not support the devices we use. It is so handy also to have everything in one place.”

Pros: “Firstly the native range of ‘Free To Me’ TV and film is huge when you have an amazon prime subscription. Plus the fact (unlike Disney, Netflix, and Paramount+) I am able to buy new movies and old classics not on other streaming services.”

Cons: “The big drawback with the Amazon Video service is the navigation. It can be difficult to find what you want as easily as something like Netflix. Especially with the channels. It is often the case that you need to know what you want and search as the browsing gets extremely laborious very quickly.

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Movies and Home Streaming Service


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My favorite app for watching movies is definitely Disney+. I work from home so at lunchtime and other breaks, I am able to tune in and watch a movie. I genuinely can’t think of any cons- I would recommend Disney+ to anyone, but especially movie enthusiasts and Disney lovers!”

Pros: “Disney+ makes it so quick and easy to choose a movie to watch, their recommendation system is a lot better than other streaming services I have used. It has 100s of movies, new and old. One of the best bits about Disney+ is it has all its new releases as soon as they are in cinemas! It’s great. It also isn’t exclusively Disney, it has other things too like the Discovery Channel. Disney+ is also a lot more affordable than other services.

Josh Band – A Backpacker’s World


Rent and Stream Movie Service


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You can watch free on-demand movies that are available there with the Redbox mobile app. By choosing WATCH FREE from the menu, you can view all the online movies that are funded by advertisements.

This is one of the best free movie applications because of how the movies are organized.”

Pros: “It is easy to see which free movies are the most popular, which ones are leaving the free section soon, and which ones were recently added to the library. They are additionally categorized by genre.

The app is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad gadgets. On Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast, you may view these free movies as well.

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Streaming Live TV and Movie Service

Pluto TV

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Nothing beats cuddling up with a great movie at the end of a long day, but when money is tight, that can be more difficult to do. Pluto TV is something I’ve been using for a while, and I’d also suggest it to other users who want to stream movies for free. One of the top free movie apps for live TV and movies for a long time is Pluto TV.”

Pros: “You can enjoy live TV with a huge selection of channels, plus full seasons of shows like CSI and Narcos, which are streaming for free. Additionally, you have access to thousands of movies, including new releases, as well as classics and box office, hits. Pluto TV offers 27 unique, exclusive movie channels, so you’ll never run out of content to watch. Additionally, there are no fees associated with using the service, which is uncommon for live TV programming.

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TV Show and Movie Streaming Service


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Netflix is a paid app for online movie streaming. There, you may also watch TV dramas, series, and movies. I personally use this app as it is cheap and has a variety of shows. I do not like spending time downloading movies or dramas so I prefer to watch them online. Also, Netflix’s own shows are quite interesting that are only available on Netflix so that is the reason I use this application. The Subscription fee for the Netflix premium account is $20 per month. In which you can share 4 screens. But we are four friends who are sharing this so it costs $5 per month which is reasonable for me.

Pros: “Unlimited shows”

Cons: “Basic package is not suitable as it costs $10 per month

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Free TV Series and Movie Streaming Service


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Crackle is very beneficial to support imaginable devices like streaming players, mobile devices, smart TVs, etc.”

Pros: “The interface is easy to work with and videos stream smoothly. You don’t need to log in to TV shows and watch movies.

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Movies and TV Streaming Service


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This is also one of the best and we’ll know an app for movies that you can buy but if you feel fine with occasional ads, then you can watch thousands of movies for free.”

Pros: “You can easily install this app on iPod touch, Android, iPhone IPad, etc.

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Classic Movies Streaming Service

The Criterion Channel

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For streaming classic movies, nothing is better than The Criterion Channel. As someone who has always wanted to watch every film I could get my hands on, the library at Criterion is a treasure trove of classic and great lesser-known movies, as well as some Hollywood favorites.

The Criterion Channel is a movie lover’s dream.”

Pros: “It isn’t just a wealth of content as they have curated playlists from directors, themed festival-like series, and comprehensive interviews and features about the films in their catalog.

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Movie Streaming Service

Movies Anywhere

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My favorite movie streaming app is Movies Anywhere, a platform that allows you to buy a digital copy of a movie so that you can then stream it on ANY platform (Apple TV, Disney +, Prime, etc.) if that movie exists in their catalog. Pay once and watch forever. That’s hard to beat. Only, I suppose I’m using the term forever loosely since you’re only paying for a license to watch that movie and these streaming services could eventually lose that title from their offerings.

Jason Akinaka


Movies and TV Shows Streaming Service


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One of my favorite movie streaming apps right now is Hulu, because their original movies seem to be getting better and better. They have a decent mix of older classics with modern favorites, as well.

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TV, Movies, and Sports Streaming Services


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*Peacock* from NBC: is an underrated and gold application for movie streaming. It is one of the best competitors against Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. It contains a commendable collection of lesser-known good films, so if you’re someone who likes to discover new movies, Peacock is the perfect place. It also has hours and hours of content of last gen TV shows and movies from NBC’s own *archive*. Truly a gold mine for cinema lovers.

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Movie Tickets, Trailers, and Rating App


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*IMDb* is the best app for movie streaming. This app was launched by Col Needham in 1990. This app has an awesome collection of movies.”

Pros: “Its best feature is the Top 250 movies. This streaming platform also offers TV series, celebrity news, award shows, etc. It has all-genre collections like horror, romance, animation, etc It also showcases the latest trailers of upcoming movies along with the synopsis and five-star rating. This streaming app is absolutely free and comes with advertisements. It also has a pro version where members can edit or add information regarding the videos and clippings.

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Movie Streaming Service


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The selections are one of a kind – some you won’t find anywhere else. Especially if you are a fan of indie films. I like how it’s more of a community and you can discuss films with other people who have watched it, too.

Cons: “Con would be – it’s not free. And with all the other subscriptions that you need to pay monthly, you’d have to really be a hardcore cinephile to want this. Otherwise, it’s not for everyone.

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Movies and TV Streaming Service


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Tubi may not replace my Netflix or Amazon subscription just yet, but this lesser-known streaming service offers a ton of great free films and TV shows.”

Pros: “The ad-supported platform has over 40,000 movies and TV episodes across genres. Unlike other platforms, it spares you the hassle of creating an account or signing up. Hop over to their website and you can ‘start watching.’ It’s a goldmine for classic Hollywood and world cinema lovers. The Fox-owned streaming network offers a simple interface, neatly categorizing films across genres.”

Cons: “Their only drawback is the ad breaks in between your screen time but that’s the price for a free service.

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Apple Original Series and Films Streaming App

Apple TV

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*Apple TV* may not be as popular or as large as its competitors, but it has become quite surprising when it comes to its library of originals. Apple TV’s series are great when it comes to their overall quality and critical reception.”

Pros: “Apple TV also offers a lot of different movies that you can purchase separately from your subscription. In a sense, you are not a slave to whether or not the movies will stay on Apple TV’s library because you basically own them after purchasing them.”

Cons: “Apple TV doesn’t have the same kind of selection that you can see in its competitors’ libraries. The quality of the movies and shows on this streaming app may be great but Apple also needs to have a good mix of quality and quantity when it comes to its library. Of course, while you can buy the movies and watch them through Apple TV, buying a movie isn’t exactly as cheap as simply streaming them on a streaming app.

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Video, Music, and Live Streams


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YouTube is an excellent free streaming service (if you can deal with the ads) and they even have full movies available to you. For example, I watched a full movie the other day on the platform from the 80s that was uploaded onto the platform and has been there for some time. It seems as though it’s alright for some movies to be available to watch for free on YouTube, so do some searching and see if the movie you are looking for is on there.

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