Best Apps for Driving

Have you ever found yourself low on gas in the middle of a new, unfamiliar area in the city? Do you find it frustrating to locate an available, near, and safe space to park your vehicle on the go? Are you one of those people who are bored senseless when driving alone during a roadtrip?

In decades past, all of these problems were commonplace and planning ahead was a necessity for any trip, even through the city. Now that we’re in the 21st century, we can go driving on a whim without having to think much about these setbacks with the help of our smartphones and apps.

We have a list of very useful and efficient apps for driving to make your driving experience fun and hassle free.

Check out below the best apps for driving and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Gas Finder App


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If you’re anything like me, you’ll be too busy admiring the scenery to pay any attention to your gas gauge while you’re driving. I assure you that might be a costly error. Particularly on long excursions, you’ll want to know where and when the next gas station is. Fortunately, having GasBuddy on your phone or another mobile device can significantly simplify the procedure.”

Pros: “It will not only display a list of all gas stations in the area, but it will also display current prices. So, you can prepare ahead of time and save a few dollars at a less expensive pump. For iOS and Android users, Gas Buddy is free.

Jenny Ly – Go Wanderly

Live Traffic and Navigation App


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“My favorite app for driving is Waze. It is intuitive and with live user input of potential road hazards. I find that their estimated time of arrival as well as the path chosen to get from Point A to Point B are more efficient with less confusing directions than most other common driving apps. The features for looking up quick places to stop for gas or grab a bite to eat are also quite intuitive and helpful as well.

Melanie Hartmann – Dreams Built In

Planner, Map, and Travel Guide


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This is one of the greatest driving apps I’ve used. It’s great for those who aren’t big planners but still need to stay on a schedule since it provides a variety of options for creating a detailed itinerary.”

Pros: “Everything from hotels to campsites to rest stops along the trip can be found with a simple search, and each has ratings and comments from previous customers. It’s like a hybrid of Yelp and Google Maps, made specifically for long-distance drivers. It may also provide you with a rough estimate of your gas use, making it a useful tool for financial preparation.

Patrick Johnson – C&H Essentials

Music and Podcasts App


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I’d say Spotify is my favorite driving app. It is especially good if you love to listen to something while driving, especially in places where heavy traffic is a usual daily scene. Downloading the app and listening to a wide variety of music, podcasts, and shows is free. Yet, there is a premium option to stream ad-free and have unlimited song skips and playlist shuffles. Premium users also get higher-quality audio and have the choice to download and listen offline.

Liam Johnson – The Hitch Store

Universal Rewards App


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I would say that my favorite app to use is the Miles Rewards app. For this app you have to turn your location on and what the app does is it tracks your miles while driving and converts those total miles driven into miles currency on the app. You can then use those miles points to buy rewards. You can purchase gift cards, enter raffles, use those miles to donate to causes, and purchase your own personal rewards. These personal rewards being memberships, investments, subscriptions, and even food. I use the app particularly for the raffles, subscriptions, and the free food.”

Pros: “One of the biggest pros of the app is it doesn’t cost anything and is completely free. All you have to do is turn on your location and drive to earn miles. The app even rewards users with a small amount of free miles every month, so driving isn’t even completely necessary to earn miles on the app.”

Cons: “I will say one of the cons of the app is sometimes it doesn’t completely track all of your miles accurately. The app says it can track miles while the app is closed, but I have learned it does a better job of tracking those miles when the app is left open.

Steven A. – Flagstaff Arizona Tree Services

Navigation App

Google Maps

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There are many apps that you can use for driving. One of the most important apps that I have used for driving is Google Maps. It is popular among drivers.

The main reason due to which I’m using this app is that it can help us to find the best route to our destination and avoid traffic congestion.”

Pros: “Some people use Google map because it helps them their mileage for work or tax purposes,

Moreover it is also used to plan their routes and avoid traffic congestion.

It is helpful to find gas prices or to locate nearby parking facilities.

Whatever the reason, Google maps can be a valuable tool for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road.”

Cons: “One is that it can be easy to get lost in the wealth of information and features available on the site.

Saurav Ahuja – Excel Trick

Parking App


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SpotHero is another parking reservation app that helps you find and reserve parking in advance. It offers discounts at some parking facilities, making it a cheaper option than Parking Panda. SpotHero also has a wider selection of parking options than Parking Panda, so it may be a better choice if you’re looking for a specific type of parking or want more choices.

Joe Giranda – CFR Classic

Live Traffic and Navigation App

Inrix Traffic

INRIX - Wikipedia

“Inrix Traffic is an app that provides real-time traffic information for cities around the world. It can help you avoid traffic jams, plan your route, and find the fastest way to your destination. Inrix Traffic is available in both a free and paid version.

Joe Giranda – CFR Classic

Safe Driving App


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I love Drivemode. It has made life so much easier and safer when I have to commute.”

Pros: “It allows for easy touch navigation with large buttons or voice commands. It narrates what is occurring on screen, can control your music, send your location to friends, work with your navigation app, call and send texts controlled by voice, and has pre-written texts such as I’m driving right now, call you in a bit! or I’ll be five min late. These are great compared to native phone based alternatives which are very general and can sound a bit stale or eerie in their seriousness.

Adam Rossi – TotalShield

Parking App


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While the popular navigation apps by Google and Apple don’t need introduction, Parkopedia is an app most drivers need but may still not know about. Using Parkopedia, you can browse for parking lots nearby and quickly navigate to them.”

Pros: “The app can not only find locations, but also displays up-to-day costs and restrictions. You will also enjoy a free option to pay for parking automatically from your credit card securely linked to the app. Finally, the app “keeps an eye” on your parking lot and can notify you if there’s not enough money to continue. The service is pretty young, but you can already use it in all big cities of the US and Canada as well as in big cities in over 85 countries worldwide.

Erik Gomsi – DroidFunzone

Audiobooks and Podcasts App


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It helps us put those travel hours to good use and stay productive. Instead of mindlessly listening to music for hours, it’s nice to have an audiobook playing as you can learn so much from biographies and memoirs. Of course, sometimes it’s fun to mix it up with a good fiction book.

I can’t think of a major drawback other than the monthly subscription fee that can rack up if you don’t use the app often. But this isn’t a problem since I’m driving every day and there’s always an audiobook or podcast playing in the background.”

Pros: “The membership also includes a huge selection of podcasts, covering everything from daily news and educational content to true crime stories!

Bradley Williams – Dream Big, Travel Far