Best Apps for Camping

Escape the city life to destress and enjoy the beauty of nature. Start planning a road trip to the countryside or visit amazing locations. 

But, wait. Worrying about some ideas where to go or scared that you might get lost in the wilderness?

With this list of apps that we have, you might have your questions answered and your worries begone. these apps will help you get in the right direction to get you into your desired locations, discover new places where to camp and visit and appreciate more of our mother nature.

Check out below the best apps for camping and the experience of people who have tried or used the app.

Mobile Trail Maps

Gaia GPS

New Logo and App Icon for Gaia GPS - Gaia GPS

This backcountry navigation app has several great features for campers, including:

Pros: “Public Land map layer: This map layer shows an overlay of publicly owned land so you’ll never have doubts about if you’re setting up camp on public property.

Offline map download: Download the area you plan to be camping for easy navigation, even without cell phone service.

Multiple map layers: This is one area that really sets Gaia GPS apart. The public land layer, USFS road layer, and excellent Gaia GPS topo map all make it easy to find campsites.

Cons: “Cons include the price ($39.99/year) and the fact that you can’t get specific campsite reviews.

 Ian SwallowTMBtent

Tent and RV Camping

The Dyrt

The Dyrt Careers: Current Jobs in Portland, OR, US

This is our go-to camping specific app for specific campsite reviews. We like the following:

Pros: “Dispersed Campsite filter: You can search specifically for dispersed campsites in the Dyrt by using their excellent campsite filters.

Campsite reviews: The Dyrt really shines by providing actual reviews from campers who have stayed there before. This type of intel is invaluable for dispersed camping where the quality of campsites can vary greatly.

Offline mode: Reserved for paid members of The Dyrt PRO, you can download maps and campsite information for offline use. This is great when searching for dispersed campsites when you often don’t have cell phone service.

Cons: “Cons include limited basemaps and the fact that some areas of the country have limited campground information.

 Ian SwallowTMBtent

Book Unique Outdoor Stays


File:Hipcamp Logo -Wordmark -FullColor.png - Wikipedia

HipCamp is the go-to app for locating one-of-a-kind paid private campsites and has been called the Airbnb of camping.

Pros: “HipCamp is the most extensive site available, with over 300,000 entries in its database. Each host has a short profile and a star rating. There is an abundance of evaluations, listings of the best activities available on the host’s property and a comprehensive rundown of what each site offers and doesn’t. The user experience is sleek, like that of Airbnb, and there are several filters to narrow your search, including those for pet-friendliness, availability of bathrooms and showers, and internet access. Additionally, the crowd-sourced images are top-notch.

Patrick JohnsonC&H Essentials

Map and GPS Coordinates


iOverlander | NF-21 Camping

By offering a crowd-sourced, user-friendly map solution to all of a vanlifer’s potential needs, iOverlander is an essential lifeline.

Pros: “The database on iOverlander is extensive, since it is continually updated by visitors who provide information about anything from wild campsites to established campgrounds. Hardware shops, mechanics, and propane filling stations are some of iOverlander’s other distinctive characteristics. In the event of an emergency, knowing the location of the nearest mechanic is essential. You may also check out the cellular coverage of the main telecommunications companies at each campground.

Matthew BowleySolmar Villas

RV Rental

The Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy - RV Rentals – Apps on Google Play

The Outdoorsy app is intended to make booking your next road trip as easy as shifting into drive. Start exploring RV rentals near you — everything from cute, converted Sprinter vans to towable Airstream trailers — that will, at the very least, give you an immediate answer to that age-old question “What did you do this summer?”

Pros: “All the website features are now accessible from the palm of your hand—because that’s just how we roll. Browse thousands of cool rigs and read renter reviews while manning the grill. Read city guides, craft your trip itinerary, and message RV owners while conquering mountains. Coordinate key exchanges, make booking requests, and ask customer support questions while riding shotgun.”

April CummingOutdoorsy

Star Map

Stellarium Mobile Plus

Home | Stellarium Labs

One of the great pleasures of camping, especially way out in the wilderness, is stargazing. This is also one activity where a phone can really enhance the experience, especially for beginners who may not know what to look for.

Pros: “Stellarium Mobile Plus is a great option for a stargazing app that’s friendly enough for beginners to use and advanced enough to be a good choice for experienced stargazers who may want their own telescope. It’s got a fairly affordable price tag at $13.99, an easy-to-use interface, and a truly massive database that includes stars, planets, asteroids, and even satellites.

Roland FossBellhops



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Being an avid RVer, there is one app that my family and I use for all of our camping trips, and that’s the TOGO RV app.

The TOGO app provides an RV navigation system that takes into account the weight of your RV, any height limitations, propane restrictions, and more as it guides you down the road. But it’s really a lot more than that.

Pros: “Before even hitting the road, I use the app checklist feature to make sure I don’t forget anything on the trip. Once on the road, if you run into any mechanical issues, the app can easily connect with a mobile RV repair technician that will come to you. You can even compare tires from multiple manufacturers to find the best deal. And this is all in the free version.

Other features include RV tips, recall alerts for your RV, and the latest industry news, which I never use, but others may find helpful.

Cons: “One downside is the accuracy of the campground listings. I’ve noticed on several occasions that the campground information is just plain wrong. For example, on my last trip, we stopped at a campground that was listed as having a dump station, only to find they didn’t when we got there.

Also, keep in mind that unlocking premium features cost $49.99 per year, which is fairly cheap for what it does. But, it requires that you download a total of four apps to get all of those features. And unfortunately, navigating between apps is a bit clunky. For example, clicking a link to the Campendium app from the TOGO app opens up the web browser instead of the app itself.

Georgia McBroomCamper FAQs

Bird Identifier

Merlin Bird ID

230x0w 283

I have so many apps in our road trip folder that we go back to when we’re in national parks, hope a few of these are worthwhile for you and your readers!

Pros: “it is AMAZING to be able to record a bird’s song and then identify that bird. We’ve learned so much by using it. We’ve become much better birdwatchers by using the app..”

Cons: “The only Con I can think of is that It takes a lot of data to download and store.”

Jude BoudreauxRoad Trips With Kids

Plants and Animals Identifier

Seek by iNaturalist

230x0w 6

I have so many apps in our road trip folder that we go back to when we’re in national parks, hope a few of these are worthwhile for you and your readers!

Pros: “Along the same line, Seek by iNaturalist has been wonderful for opening your phone, scanning a plant or animal or bug, and often getting a positive identification for what it is! It’s like magic, and it has allowed us to learn about the world around us which is why we head out on these trips anyway.

Jude BoudreauxRoad Trips With Kids

Maps for Camping Locations


Log In - Campendium

One of my favorite camping apps is Campendium. It’s an app that crowdsources information on campgrounds, so you can always find the most up-to-date information on what’s available in the area you’re interested in.

Pros: “ I love it because it has a lot of detailed information on each campground, including photos, amenities, and user-generated reviews. And, if you’re ever in a bind, you can use the app to find nearby campsites that have openings. Another great feature is the ability to filter search results by your specific needs (e.g., pet-friendly, RV-friendly, etc.).

Cons: “The only downside is that it’s only available on iPhones and iPads, so Android users are out of luck. But, if you have an iOS device, I highly recommend checking out Campendium!

Fred BakerTravelness

For RV Camping Spots 

Harvest Hosts

RV Camping at Wineries, Breweries, Farms & More with Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is my favorite app to use for planning camping trips in an RV because you can explore so many different distilleries, wineries, orchards and farms all around the country. This unique experience is something that a lot of people should take advantage of because it’s affordable and so much different than a traditional camp site.

Pros: “To become part of Harvest Hosts, you have to pay a membership fee, but it gives you access to any of the sites located in the app. You are encouraged to buy the products of the hosts, but it isn’t necessarily required.. These hosts allow you to stay on their property and explore the land they have. It’s a much cheaper alternative to booking a campsite, and it is very quiet and private.

This app will show you where these hosts are located, and you can easily contact them to book a spot.

Cons: “The only negative side about using this app/service is that you do need to have a fully self sustaining RV to do so. There are often no washrooms or facilities for you to use, so it is not tenting friendly.

Giulia Di LeoYour Boat Holiday

Rain Forcast and Storm Alerts


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The best apps for camping include ‘Clime-NOAA’ for weather, and ‘Avenza Maps’ for all national forest and park maps.

Pros: “Clime is far superior to any weather website or app and will give you a lightning and precipitation forecast within minutes!

Cons: “The only con is the subscription cost feature for the most up-to-date information.

Molly EganThe Molly Egan

Offline Map

Avenza Maps

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The best apps for camping include ‘Clime-NOAA’ for weather, and ‘Avenza Maps’ for all national forest and park maps.

Pros: “The Avenza app is fantastic for dispersed camping and when off-grid – you’ll always know where you are and what trail or road is nearby!

Cons: “The only Con of this app is the inability to download maps, not on wifi.

Molly EganThe Molly Egan

Weather Forecast and Maps


Maps API Configurator for Mountain View - meteoblue

The one app that I always use out on the trail, especially multi day hikes, would be the weather app Meteoblue. Understanding the weather forecasts is key when it comes to the outdoors. Wind, rain, and clouds can come at any time, so getting a good grasp of the forecast can help you better plan your overall trip, before and during your time out camping.

While there are many weather apps out there, I find Meteoblue to be one of the most reliable out there – most specifically for its mountain forecasts (where weather can be at its most unpredictable). Most weather apps may give you the chance to search for a certain town. But on Meteoblue, you can search for a particular mountain summit (taking elevation into consideration) or pinpoint an exact location.

Pros: “The app gives important metrics such as hours of sun, elevation of clouds, types of clouds, among several others. By diving into their hourly forecasts, campers can get a better idea of when to head out on the trail, and when it may make sense to hold back at a campsite if need be. Another great offering is their where2go function. If the weather nearby isn’t great, you can run where2go and get an understanding where the best weather will be within a certain distance.

Cons: “The one major con I can think of regarding Meteoblue is that you will need an Internet connection to continuously get updates while out camping. Although the app can certainly help prepare you beforehand, it is always going to be more helpful to get up to date information once you are actually camping.

Charles BreitbartTripTins

Navigation and Safety Tracking


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When I go camping, I love to use the (totally free!) Cairn app.

Pros: “The app functions in a couple of different ways- you can send your hiking itinerary, including your starting and ending location and when you expect to be back, to your loved ones. If you don’t return as expected, the app will automatically alert them, so that search and rescue may be contacted.

The app also uses crowd-sourced data to create a downloadable map demonstrating where you can get service along the trail, which you can use if you need to call help along the trail- or simply want to download a couple YouTube videos to watch in your tent that night!

Cons: “While it certainly isn’t going to be as helpful as a personal locator beacon if you get lost or hurt on the trail, it’s definitely a cheaper alternative to (quite literally!) have in your back pocket.

Jessica SchmitUprooted Traveler

Trail Guide and Maps


AllTrails: Trail Guides & Maps for Hiking, Camping, and Running | AllTrails

AllTrails is a great app for finding nearby trails and campsites. It includes detailed maps and directions, as well as user-generated reviews and ratings.

Pros: “Detailed maps and directions

Cons: “Can be challenging to find specific trails or campsites.

Matt JamesVisitingly


Google Maps

230x0w 286

Google Maps is a great all-around app for finding your way around. It includes detailed maps and directions, and can be used offline.

Pros: “integrates with other Google apps

Cons: “Not specifically designed for camping

Matt JamesVisitingly

Navigation and Hiking Trails


Cycling app of the week: MAPS.ME |

Maps.Me is a great app for finding your way around. It includes detailed maps and directions, and can be used offline.

Pros: “Can be used offline

Cons: “Can be challenging to find specific trails or campsites

Matt JamesVisitingly

National Park Guide

National Park Service

Comment Period Extended For National Parks Fee Hikes | Fronteras

The National Park Service app is a great app for finding trails and campsites. It includes user-generated reviews and ratings, as well as detailed maps and directions.

Pros: “Ability to filter by activity level, distance, and more

Cons: “Not all trails or campsites are included

Matt JamesVisitingly

Users Reviews and Recommendations


Yelp Debuts Refreshed Logo, App Icons

Yelp is a great app for finding local businesses. It includes user-generated reviews and ratings, as well as detailed maps and directions.

Pros: “User-generated reviews and ratings

Cons: “Not all businesses are included

Matt JamesVisitingly